Born 1971, Miami, Florida
Lives in Brooklyn, NY


2007 Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, FIU
2019  Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, FIU


2018 Multiplicities. Benrubi Gallery, New York, NY
2017 Intentions, Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Borderless, Happy Lucky No 1 Gallery, Brooklyn NY



Material: Espíritu Siboney/Siboney Spirit Shorts Program at The Maysles Documentary Center 


To Jonas with Love, Ki Smith Gallery, NYC curated by Chuck Smith & Benn Northover 


Paris Photo, Benrubi Gallery, Paris, France 

ONE: Union of the Senses Experimental Documentary - Brooklyn Academy of Music - Co-Producer & Co-Creator


The Creative Process in Art & Filmmaking. White Box Lab. Curated by Lara Pan.


Belong to This Non-Place Micro Vista. Wider than a postcard. Curated by Sven avis. Breeze Block Gallery. Portland, OR. 

The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba – Directed by JR & José Parlá. Co-produced by Parlá Studios & Social Animals. 


Parlá Frères: U.T.O.P.I.A. Rey Parlá & José Parlá. Colette. Paris, France. 

Viral Underground, 2011 collaboration with Michael Betancourt (2mins30secs). NO ENDS. Curated by Osiel Rojas, NYC.


Senses of Being. Paris Photo. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC. 

Sights Unseen. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC 

Emulsions, Glitches, and Scratches, (30mins) 2011. LES screening

SONIC ARCHITEXTURES at White Slab Palace, Lower East Side, NYC. MERCE (Maria Chavez and Shelley Burgon) & Rey Parlá. 

INSPIRE Conference Speaker. Motion Media Design and Visual effects. SCAD Museum of Art Theater. Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA. 


The New Grand Tour. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC. 

It Ain’t Fair. OHWOW Gallery. Miami, FL.

The New Grand Tour. SOHO HOUSE, NY. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC. 


LOT 193-38B: The Invisible Dog. Curated by Manon Slome of No Longer Empty. Brooklyn, NY. 

The Revolution of Super 8 Universe: A Self-Portrait. Moving Images. Sioux City Art Center. Curated by Michael Betancourt. 


The New Grand Tour. 798 District: Basketball Stadium Converted to Pop-Up Gallery. Beijing, China. 


The New Grand Tour. DNA Galleria, Hong Kong. 

Scratch | Graphs. Frost Art Museum. Florida International University. Selected works by Fredric Snitzer Gallery. 

The Painted Paradise, (Power Point Film). F.I.U. The Gallery at Green Library 

Sporadic Germination. Visual Music from Iota, a DVD anthology of contemporary art from The Iota Center. 


Pictography. An Experimental Introduction to a Segmented Reality. The Marlin Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. Curated by Osiel Rojas of NO ROMANCE Gallery 


Death & Taxes. The Dorsch Gallery. Miami, FL. Curated by Michael Betancourt. 

Erasing Memory, a Technoformance collaboration with artist Natasha Tsakos. Miami Beach Cinematheque. Curated by Carol Jazzar. 


PROBE | Informative Art Project: Agent Intellect vs. Kokoff, a Technoformance collaboration with artist Natasha Tsakos. Curated by Ross Power at the Power Studios ANNEX, Miami Design District, FL.   

UltraElectrics. Bazaar: Cuchifritos Art Gallery. L.E.S., supported by The Puffin Foundation, NYSCA, LMCC. 

Field Trip: Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, NYC. 


UltraRayographs. Chance by Choice. The Annex Space. Miami Beach, FL. Art Basel. 

Extensions of the Spectacle. Albion Hotel. Miami Beach, FL. InkHeads, Barnstormers and Heavyweight. 

Empujando un Botón, (8 mins video MiniDV) collaboration with Artist Vanessa Gocksch. IV Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro: Sonic Habitat. Ciudad Mexico, DF. Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte Roma (MUCA-ROMA). Ex Teresa Arte Actual. 


Cycles & Revolutions. Hand-painted frames on 35mm motion picture film. Curated by Maika Pollack, Ph.D. South First Gallery. Williamsburg, New York. 


Sporadic Germination: InkHeads. 113 Ludlow St. Gallery Space, NYC. 


InkHeads & Friends. The Modern Primitive Gallery. Atlanta, GA. 

Diablo, (28mins. 16mm film). Milano International Film Festival. Milan, Italy.


The No Show. Frederic Snitzer Gallery. Coral Gables, FL. 

The Anti Film Festival. Colony Theater, Miami Beach, FL. *Honorable mention 

The Spectacle, aka Rumba Abstracta (35mm hand-painted film; 3mins). 

Cuban Alternative Film Festival *Special Live Music Presentation. Curated by Alejandro Rios.

Cinema Vortex. Alliance for the Media Arts. Alliance Cinema, Miami Beach, FL. 


Rumba Abstracta. Load Your Own Film Festival – Alliance Cinema, Miami Beach, FL. 


South Florida Art Center. A Tropological Cinema. Curated by Mark Boswell. Black Box Festival. Ground Level Alternative Space. The Revolution of Super 8 Universe: A Self-Portrait, (2:45mins). 

The Anti Film Festival. Colony Theater, Miami Beach, FL. The Revolution of Super 8 Universe: A Self-Portrait, (2:45mins).   

Central Florida Film & Video Festival. The Revolution of Super 8 Universe: A Self-Portrait, (2:45mins).

Louis Wolfson II Media History Center Festival, Colony Theater. Miami Beach, FL. 


Sporadic Germination. 12th Annual Miami International Film Festival: The Avant-Garde Returns


Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Collection 

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